Friday, September 11, 2009

WEEK 1: MEATBALLS!! Balls, balls...everywhere!

The general recipe for meatballs calls for hamburger, eggs, breadcrumbs, spices and maybe some onion and worchestershire sauce. Search for basic meatballs on any search engine and this is what you will find, trust me, I checked. But seriously? There are a multitude of variations a gal could do with meatballs. And this being the start of fall and football season, meatballs are a great food to make for the masses as they are plentiful and freezable if you have left overs. Just don't let your man get too close to the kitchen until they are done!  So stay tuned for the ball blogs...I mean...meatball blogs.  Can you guess which chick will make which balls?  Bleu balls? Italian (stallion?) balls? Mi Amigos bolas? and Everything but the...balls?

OH!!! And next week, we will be featuring yeasty concoctions to tease your lips and's basic bread dough week!!


Anonymous said...

Followed a link to here from a Livestrong group yesterday and I am really glad that I did. I love the writing and can't wait to try a few recipes. Thanks for the laughs


Nikki said...

Thanks Tricia!! We all met on Livestrong's predecesor(sp? lol) The Daily Plate :)

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