Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Hatching of the Four Chicks

Meet the Four Chicks. Kim, Lacey, Melissa, and Nikki. Kim is from Texas. Lacey -- Oregon, Melissa -- South Carolina, and Nikki -- Ohio. We are incredible friends. But we’ve never met. That’s right! You may be wondering how we can be incredible friends when we live so far apart. We met online on a weight loss website. It was a whirlwind friendship that is kept alive by hundreds of emails and text messages a day. (even fun Friday night drunk texting!!) We are all VERY different. Our ages range from 24 to 40, but that makes no difference to us. Some of us are full of tats and holes, some aren’t. Some of us are obsessed with shoes and purses, some aren’t. Some of us like Broadway musicals, some don’t. Three of us have kids, one doesn’t. Our kids range in age 3 to 20. We all have at least one dog. We do have some things in COMMON, however. We love to cook, rant about our hubbys (that we all love dearly) and we want to shed a few pounds, although that will not be the point of this blog. This will not be your everyday run-of-the mill recipe blog. It will probably be rated [at least] PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. May contain moderate language, (probably) minimal strong language, some explicit nudity (ok probably not since we all want to lose weight), intense violence (when the recipe doesn’t actually work out or our husbands really piss us off), gore (when we cut off our thumb trying to slice a mango, or our husband's throats), some sex (but not on the kitchen counter, we promise), or mild drug content (no comment.) The point of this blog is to take a basic recipe and modify it to our own cooking styles and share it with the world. Our cooking perspectives vary tremendously.
Kim (age 40 and the senior citizen of the group), aka “Hooker Cooker” likes things cheap, easy and quick (i.e. the “hooker” part!). She is a working mom of two teenagers, one in college, so it must be cheap and fast!! She likes food toys and prefers not to provide manual manipulation of food if she can help it. (i.e. uses breadmaker, George Foreman grill, BBQ Crock-Pit, FryDaddy, quesadilla maker, etc.)
Lacey (32) is into alternative cooking, things like sprouted grain flour and buffalo meat, so she is known as the “Alternative Ά la carte”. She has a beautiful 3-year old daughter and she is determined to feed her organic when possible. Her meals have been known to be organically orgasmic. She is proud of her potty mouth as well as her BAs in Religious Studies and Art History.
Melissa (37) is our own “Gifted Gourmet” and is also the “Spam Queen” in her state. (She is also the drunk texting queen!) She has won over 75 cooking competitions both locally and regionally. Her food has been featured on a magazine cover. We pretty much all hate her. (just kidding!) She has a daughter in college as well. But don’t underestimate her. She won’t hesitate to kick your ass if she thinks you need it.
Nikki (24) is the baby of the bunch, and is our own little “Wild Card” She tends to be a mix of everything, leaning towards more all natural without breaking the bank, healthy but not uber weird cause her hubby wont eat it; quick but still tasty yet with a “from scratch” taste. So she will be catering to the schizophrenics who read our blog since she has multiple cooking personalities. Nikki has no children yet, but she does have a couple of dogs.
So that about sums up the Four Chicks in a nutshell. We could write a novel about our “textscapades” and have seriously considered doing so. Instead we decided to create this blog to share our lives and cooking perspective with any sucker that will read it. Yes, that is you. So welcome to our blog and we hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t then eff off.

Our first tantalizing blog will be about balls. More specifically meat. balls. Stay tuned for four different takes on these delectable balls of moist goodness, plump with things to arouse your taste buds. Good enough to make you say “I must have those balls. NOW!” They are sure to be diverse and entertaining. After reading, you can decide which one of us is more talented and knowledgeable in the area of balls. Meatballs, that is. No Lotrimin needed. (google it if you need to).


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